North Grenville Council is considering applying for Rural Economic Development program funding. The matter was discussed on Tuesday night. 

Director of Planning and Development Phil Gerrard says the funding stream can provide up to $250,000, which would be a 50/50 or 70/30 split with the municipality. He noted qualifying projects include the rehabilitation of cultural and tourism attractions, along with the redevelopment of underutilized buildings. 

Gerrard recommended seeking funding for the Kemptville courthouse, which was deemed significant to the community in the Letourneau heritage study undertaken in 2016.

The total cost of repairs is unknown, as an updated engineering report is in the works. 

Councillor John Barclay says it would be difficult to make a decision without concrete numbers on the table. 

The deadline to apply for funding is September 9. Council directed staff to prepare the grant application, which will be reviewed again.