The Ogooma Uganda Children’s Home got a boost from St. Michael Catholic High School. A total of $4,200 was raised for the orphanage in Africa. The cheque presentation was held today.  

Casual days during Lent bring in dollars for the cause. Students contribute $2 each to participate.

The initiative started after teacher Sheri Richer-Camillone first visited the home seven years ago. She started doing presentations about Ogooma to spread the word.

The school has donated over $25,000 to the orphanage since 2013.

Richer-Camillone says every dollar makes a difference, but today’s donation is huge and a lot can be done with $4,200. She says she is grateful to organizer Kristi Johnston Bates, the school administration and all the students and staff who continue to support the cause.

Johnston Bates says the school undertook two projects during Lent this year, including a clothing drive to support the local community. She says it’s remarkable that the school came through for both.   

For more information about Ogooma, or to donate, email TOUCH Ministries at