The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) pitched solar panels for the roof of the North Grenville Municipal Centre. The proposal was brought forward to council last night.

This is the second time a group has come forward with the idea. SunSmart Solar proposed a similar project a few years ago and staff undertook a risk assessment at the time. Liabilities were identified, including increased insurance costs and fire personnel safety in the event of an electrical fire.

OREC representative Janice Ashworth says the organization designs the projects and provides 100 per cent of the financing through community investors. She says revenues generated from the solar projects are used to pay back investors, through dividends.

Councillor John Barclay declared a conflict of interest, as an OREC investor.

Ashworth says there would be energy savings for the municipality.

She says over a 30-year term contract, the municipality could save over $200,000 in energy costs. Projected annual savings are $8,186. The proposal is for a 643 kilowatt system.

Ashworth was instructed to follow-up with staff to get Hydro costs for the municipal centre, to put together more concrete numbers.