Elevate the Fine Details of Your Landscaping

The fine details are what separate average from outstanding. Even your home has features that are often overlooked. Does your drive way have oil spots, or cracks? Do you have the same garden beds that were installed in the 60s? Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping is the only place to call when it’s time to elevate those forgotten details.

Interlock Paving

Interlock paving is the technique of taking precisely measured stones and laying them in such a way as the end product acts as one solid piece. It’s the best way to turn a simple walk way into something truly special. Patterns and different colour of stones can make the space between your door and drive way look like the walkway to a palace!

Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping isn’t limited to walkways with their years of experience. They can create pools, fireplaces, patios, retaining and garden walls just name a few. They even have the option to use natural stone so that your project looks as close to Mother Nature’s raw beauty as possible, while still being incredibly functional.


The driveway is the unsung hero of all homes. We treat it rough, and it keeps serving us without question. When it starts to show those years of service it should be time to think about the best way to repair it so that it can continue to serve. Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping has a special filler to fix the cracks and prevent buckling from water freezing. To seal it all up Chevrier uses an exclusive sealant “Black Mac” which is stronger than anything found at a hardware store! Having a maintained driveway is a great way to keep the value if your home at its highest.


Bringing in a little nature not only makes your home look more welcoming, but can create a private escape right outside your door. Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping will breathe new life into your garden beds or create entire new places to help Mother Nature shine! Create a natural shady spot with some new trees, or get the richest top soil delivered right to your garden to grow the biggest plants you can.

The finished product

When you call on Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping to install or repair something on your property, you can trust the family owned and operated team to create something special. They understand that even when their job is done, it’s just the beginning for you. Every project is treated like a sculptor coaxing the hidden work of art out of the marble slab. If you’re worried about your bank account low pricing, and staying on schedule aren’t just points of pride they’re ways of life and Chevrier Asphalt Interlock and Landscaping, your local paving company!

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