The Grenville County OPP is reminding people to watch for online scammers.

Constable Suzanne Runciman says a 25-year-old Prescott man recently fell for a loan scam.

The man applied for an online loan through a business known as He was told that before he could get his $2,000 loan, he had to purchase $140 of Steam online video gift cards and provide them with the codes. The man also had to give his personal information.

Runciman says unfortunately the man didn’t get the $2,000 loan, lost $140 and they got his personal information.

She says scammers prey on people in need of assistance. Loan scam ads are found through online advertising or fake websites designed to look like legitimate lending institutions.

Runciman says when it sounds too good to be true, it is. She says people should be suspicious of someone offering you easy money.