3 helpful tips to obtain admission to the post-secondary institution of your choice.

The most common way to get into university is by earning a provincially accredited high school diploma.  If you have a high school diploma, then university admission is based on the specific courses you took in your senior year of high school (pre-requisites), your grades and, for some competitive programs, a supplementary application that may include items such as a resume, personal statement, or reference letters.

Other students may decide to give themselves a competitive edge by attending a private day or boarding school.  Within private schools such as Fulford Preparatory College, students complete two full semesters (4 credits in the Fall and 4 credits in the Winter), where they take courses guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. In class sizes of 5—10 students, each student receives individual attention to ensure success, within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Whether you’ve determined which post-secondary institution allows you to achieve your dream, or simply want to give yourself the best chance at the University your choice, here are a 3 helpful tips to guide you:

1. Exemplify Commitment & Passion

Get the best possible grades you can during high school. In addition to grades, post-secondary institutions are looking for students who demonstrate a passion for their chosen subject. Independent extended interest in a subject that goes above and beyond what is required in the classroom, a personal achievement and extracurricular activities can all help to illustrate this. It’s beneficial for students to show how learning within and beyond the classroom links to their chosen course.  Ultimately, passion and perseverance are qualities that are also highly sought after by employers, not just universities.

2. Surpass General Admission Requirements

Set your goals to obtain and surpass general admission requirements. By excelling in mandatory courses, electives, and provincial examinations, you’ll raise your GPA and earn recognition. This tried and true practice will ensure that you have given yourself the best chance to succeed in your application.

3. Graduate from a Top Canadian Boarding and Day School

By graduating from academic alternatives such as Fulford Preparatory College, you not only attend the #1 Ranked high school education system in the world, but you study in an environment with a 100 per cent post-secondary acceptance rate where most students receive scholarships to top world-ranked universities.

Located in the town of Merrickville, Ontario, voted the “prettiest town in Canada”, and known for its natural beauty, artisan shops and historical architecture, Fulford Preparatory College overlooks the picturesque Rideau Canal, where one of its premiere attractions this stately stone structure that was built in 1861.  Graduates of Fulford Preparatory College boast a 100 per cent acceptance rate to world-class post-secondary institutions.

For those who wish to give themselves the best chance at being accepted to the post-secondary institution of their choice, Fulford Preparatory College is accepting registrations for LOCAL high school students who want to give themselves an academic advantage.

With highly qualified teachers, excellent boarding facilities, and a truly international student body, Fulford Preparatory College allows local high school students to remain in the “prettiest town in Canada”, while increasing their opportunities and building an international network.

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For local high school students interested in obtaining a competitive edge, Fulford Preparatory College invites you to learn more about this truly nurturing and happy high school experience online at www.fulfordprep.com