Local moms are invited to take part in their own version of story time. Mummy Voices LIVE is being held at the North Grenville Public Library on November 10. The event runs from 3:00 to 5:00pm.

There is no cost to attend and everyone is welcome. Mummy Voices is a Facebook group that provides a supportive environment to talk about the challenges of motherhood.

Founder Jackie Schoemaker Holmes says the group is about being able to speak your own truth. She says it emerged from her own experience dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.  

The first Mummy Voices LIVE event was held in Brockville back in May. The event will feature 10 speakers who will share their motherhood stories with the group.  

Schoemaker Holmes says she started the group because she didn’t feel like she had the role models and community she needed. She says if you build it they will come and the group now has over 700 members from across the region and even the United States.

For more information, contact Schoemaker Holmes directly by emailing eatingheryoung@gmail.com. To check out the Facebook group, click here