Students at both St. Michael Catholic High School and North Grenville District High School are protesting changes to the sex-ed curriculum. The walkout happened today at 1:00pm.

The students are protesting Premier Doug Ford’s move to scrap the 2015 sex-ed curriculum, which replaced the one dating back to 1998.   

The St. Mike’s walkout was organized by Madeline Hubbard and Sebastian Miln. Dozens of students participated. Miln says they are protesting the curriculum because it doesn’t include several marginalized groups such as LGBTQ.  

The NGDHS walkout was run by Azaria Shams and Marcus Luberto. Over 100 students took part. Luberto says the 2015 curriculum included the LGBTQ community, which is basically non-existent in the 1998 curriculum. He says the old curriculum is outdated and needs to be replaced.

OPP officers were on site at both protests to ensure the safety of students. There was a small group of students protesting the protest at St. Mike’s.

To view the curriculum, click here