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Help an International Student Fall in Love with Canada

Help an International Student Fall in Love with Canada

Time and again, host families welcoming international students into their homes personally gain so much more than they ever expect.

  • When you welcome an international student into your life, you refresh your daily routine. Hosting students is an ideal way for every member of your family to slow down a little and develop a new appreciation for your home and community.
  • Not only do you have an opportunity to learn about other cultures; you develop a renewed outlook on your own culture as you share your life and experiences with the newest member of your extended family.
  • You develop an ongoing relationship with your student and their family that can continue to grow for years. These connections can be extremely rewarding.

Why Do International Students LOVE Canada So Much?

International students from all over the world come to Canada to study each year. And Eastern Ontario is a popular destination because international students are always looking for a truly authentic Canadian experience. Eve Campbell, Relationship Manager with the Canada Homestay Network (CHN), says one of the best parts of connecting local homestay host families with international students is watching the students fall in love with Canada. She says students have told her they are torn between the excitement of returning home – and wanting to stay!

Comments like this say so much about the incredible host families who share their time and lives with visiting international students. Homestay helps integrate students into the community and break the “tourist barrier” by offering more than just room and board. Students benefit most when they live with engaged, active families who will help them learn English and who include them in their discussions and activities.

How Can You Become a Host Family?

The Upper Canada District School Board has partnered with CHN to support homestay hosts in local communities. CHN is a family-run, non-profit society that, for nearly 25 years, has helped thousands of Canadian families welcome students from more than 70 countries. As a host, you get 24/7 support along with a generous allowance to offset expenses.

So open your home to an excited and enthusiastic international student — and bring the world to your front door.

For more information about hosting, contact [email protected] or 1-877-441-4443 ext. 2176.
To learn more about the hosting experience and how your family can benefit, visit:


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