As strange as it is to think, it’s actually good news for a local family who will have to tear down their home as they battle a bat infestation.

When Matthew Dewan and Katrina Arcand bought their house along the Rideau River 2 years ago, they knew they had some work to do. What they didn’t know was that the sealed attic was infested with bats, a years-long infestation that has done irreparable damage to the structure.

Speaking with the Ottawa Citizen, the couple says they originally thought it may be a small nest when they noticed bats coming from an old chimney but after investigating, learned they’ll need to tear down the house and rebuild new.

Originally their insurance said they would need to rely on their own money and a GoFundMe page was set up to help with the costs however the insurance company has decided to step in and will be helping the family out.